Friday, October 3, 2008

I Have a Bow and Arrow and I Know How To Use Them!

Dear Indian Scout punk,

Yeah, I know all about how you were smitten by my daughter last weekend. Your little Indian Scout cronie ratted you out in the buffet line at dinner. I wasn't sure I overheard the exchange correctly when he yelled, "Hey, girl in the red tank top! He likes you!", but a member of my tribe confirmed that she indeed had a suitor.

Hey, pal, how old are you anyway? 8? 9? Are we seriously in the "liking" stage at this point in your development?

So, what was it about Harper that had your heart all up in a-twitter?

Was it the fact that she could match you arrow for arrow on the archery range?

If so, I should warn you.

So can her mother.

I know there is a stereotype about the actual Indian Chief of the family, dear old Dad, being the one going all back-woods crazy over a boy coming a callin' on his daughter. And that may be true. For most families.

But in this family? It's Mama who can wield a bow and arrow.

And while I don't own a compound bow (yet), acquiring one is only a Craig's List click away.

Whiz . . .

Missed you on purpose. This time.

Here's to your natural development,
Harper's bada*% Mother

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