Friday, October 24, 2008

Second-Hand Rose

I am a true second-hand shopper. I love consignment shops and thrift stores. I find it more enjoyable to pick through a full rack of shirts, sweaters, and pants of all different colors, styles, brands, and, well, former owners, than shopping in "real" stores.

Except for undergarments. I do have boundaries. I'm not wearing someone else's skivvies where the sun don't shine.

Shopping second-hand is also essential for my budget. I simply can't afford to shop at regular department stores. I mean I'm a regular Joe Six-pack with a Main Street Joe the Plumber standard of living. True middle class, baby.

Although I admit, I do take the occasional escape to TJ Maxx to scour their clearance racks where this weekend I can get a $10 clearance blouse for 25% off! They are having a sale on their clearance items this weekend!

Second-hand stores and clearance racks. Yep. That's me. Things are tight right now.

And then I saw this. At first I was merely checking out the hip outfit so that I could go and duplicate the fashion at one of my favorite clothing haunts.

But then I looked more closely.

Let me say that I think Piper is darn cute. And frankly, I like her name. How couldn't I? I named my girl Harper.

But this is pitiful.

I mean, come on. McDonald's? Yuck. What is this teaching our children?

McDonald's? Please. Let's get the girl some food with nutritional value. Can't they afford to feed her properly on the campaign trail?!

Ok, I admit, I do take my kids to McDonald's once or twice a month, but I think the Republican National Committee can afford to spend a little more on Piper's diet.

It's wrong. Really wrong.

Oh, and one more thing.

Can I have the Louis Vutton bag when they donate it to charity?

Is there a list of some sort where I can jot my name down to be considered as its next owner?

I mean I really like the bag. Oh, I realize Piper is 7, so really I should give the bag to Harper, my 7 year old, but I kind of want a Louis Vutton for myself. My 39 year old self.

But, that's ok, I can just wait and see if one pops up at the local Junior League.

I found a real Gucci once.

Maybe I'll get lucky again.


casual friday everyday said...

I like second hand too. You can find some real good stuff there nowadays. Not like in the 80's when we went all of the time as kids. lol

:--) Nell

Cuppa Jo said...

Oh, I remember scouring the second hand shops for Izod's in the 80's. I guess they are back!

I found an amazing pair of Elizabeth Aigner boots for $12 last week - never worn.

I still want Piper's bag, however.

Tiffany said...

There's really no excuse for a child of that size to have a soda or purse that large.