Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Name Game


I'm not sure I've ever sung The Name Game with name of a presidential candidate in the lyrics.

Obama's name is perfect for this song. Apparently, the folks over at Lowercase Tee thought the same thing - before I did - thus cashing in on it.

So, we're singing it the other night while enjoying one of our favorite Evanston traditions of eating pizza at a window seat in Whole Foods while waving to people on the street who seem like they need a lift, hoping our waves will get a smile and a wave in response, when my hilarious daughter goes deadpan and says,

"I like that song. You just can't rhyme McCain."

We decided at that moment to take the kids to the local democratic office so that they could see how volunteers help with a campaign.

There were people on the phone, buttons being made, posters everywhere. Even an Obama clock.

That was a little much.

I would like a bumper sticker stating, "I'm voting for THAT GUY".

And Harper found that McCain could be rhymed. With "the same". McCain: more of the same.

Walking into that office was a far cry from 2004 when I marched into the Republican Office to share my support of Bush after passing someone on the street wearing a t-shirt that said, "Bush is a terrorist".

I've changed.

And my children are going to witness history. Incredible history - for a nation, which, in my opinion, is still racist.

Harper will be having an election in her class, so I am currently hunting for material that states the candiates platforms in a language she can understand, for even though we are an Obama household, I'd like to see who she would choose on her own.

I think Obama has the edge, though. Afterall, he's got the cool song.


Tiffany said...

As a democrat who is voting for Obama with a large measure of reluctance, I'm curious as to what about him attracts a (former?) Republican to support him.

Cuppa Jo said...


Thank you for asking. Honestly, I'm not sure I ever was a true Republican. I did grow up in a Republican household, and thus, I think I grew up voting that way because that's all I knew.

But, when I look at the issues that mean alot to me: healthcare, environment, early childhood education, our public school system, I am more in line with Obama.

I did support the war in Iraq, until I realized that there were no WMD's. Now I really don't understand why we are there.

I don't think Obama is the answer or a political messiah. I do think he'll make some mistakes. I don't think the world will be changed by him - only God can create everylasting change.

But, the last four years have tired me out. And I am ready for something completely different.

This may be a simple response to your question - that I'm voting for Obama because I prefer his policies over McCain's. But isn't that what it comes down to? Preference?

Why are you reluctant? I'd love to hear more about that.

Tiffany said...

I can understand that. Do you think that Obama got you looking at the issues or were you already changing your positions and Obama is just the candidate?

I'm reluctant in my support because I'm concerned that he is not yet experienced enough or prepared yet to be president. I'm nervous about a "learn on the job" president especially in the midst of what I see as national crises on a number of fronts. I'm also uncomfortable with his position on "health of the mother" exception meaning only physical health and have been underwhelmed by his discussions of Michelle's role as first lady. Mostly, I think that he's a brilliant, powerful, enthralling public speaker, but I'm not sure what else. I wish there was more of a record and more proof that there is a there there. I am hopeful that he is humble enough and smart enough to surround himself with people who have the experience he lacks. I'm becoming more sure that he will. Powell's endorsement meant a lot to me.

I was, in fact, utterly uncommitted until McCain chose the woefully unqualified and seemingly incompetent Gov. Palin to be his VP. This selection is especially important given McCain's age and cancer history. He could very easily pass away in office, and the thought of a Pres. Palin is horrifying to me. Also, his handling of the economic crisis was out of touch and showed poor leadership. That solidified my vote for Obama.