Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Little Wise Guy

Just look at him. Snuggler and cuddler one minute, and master manipulator the next.

After listening to Zane play for an hour and a half in his bed, during what was supposed to be naptime, I enter his room to ask him if he even tried to sleep.

"Zane, it's naptime! Did you sleep?"

Pause. Cute eyes. Sweet cheeks.

"Well, I did put my head on the pillow."

Head tilt. The non-verbal equivalent of saying, "Aren't I irresistibly adorable?"

Dumping in the Pull-Up
I'm thinking that Zane has done his daily unload, and yet I'm not sure. Rather than checking, I ask him, point blank, whether he has gone, as we are working tirelessly on teaching him about telling the truth and lying.

"Zane, did you poop in your Pull-Up?"


"Zane, are you telling Mommy the truth?"

"Yes. I didn't poop."

"Good. I won't be mad if you pooped. But I will be angry if you are lying."

"Well, lying IS a problem."

Glad he thought so. He missed out on movie night due to lying. A mother's nose knows.

Upon entering his room after a long nap. His, not mine - are you kidding?

"Oh, here comes my cute Mommy!"

Aw, cut it out, will you?

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