Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Willy, meet Zane. Zane, meet Willy.

And how do I know that Zane has a bit of a problem with chocolate?

Hmmm? Let's take his after-(non)nap snack for example.

I do allow a cookie or sweet everyday. Nothing extreme. Nothing overboard. Today, I only had mint/chocolate biscotti's. He tried one. He liked it. He practically hissed at me when I suggested he dunk it in milk. That would get the chocolate in the milk! And, oddly enough, Zane doesn't like chocolate milk. Would I seriously suggest that he turn a yummy treat into a chocolate-less, mushy, soggy mess?

Sorry. Must have lost my head for a moment.

And then? When it was all gone? Finished? Traces of chocolate lingering on his face?

He has the nerve to ask for a second.

The answer is no.

Harper suggests an apple. I suggest some crackers. Harper suggests "regular food".


Um, yeah. We hear you loud and clear, Augustus. Have a great time in the chocolate river, son. We'll meet up with you at the end of the tour.


melody said...

Dude. I'm with Zane.

Cuppa Jo said...

Honestly, I am too. But I eat mine along with a coffee chaser.

But the really funny ending to this story, that I failed to report, was that later than night we made the most awesome chocolate snickerdoodles. Zane, literally stuck his head in the mixing bowl (which was yours) to lick every ounce of the leftover batter.

That makes me an enabler.