Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Toying with . . .

redoing the household budget . . . again.

going down to one car.

rearranging my teaching schedule so that I can volunteer more frequently in Harper's classroom.

working towards having Mary Kay, (well, not literally THE Mary Kay, but rather the business) pay off our debt.

how I'm going to purchase an amp so that I can actually use my new pink electric guitar.

when I can invest in guitar lessons for myself.

getting the taxes done so I can look forward to that big 'ole check that President Bush is sending our way. Um, no, we won't be running out to buy a new TV with it.

the idea that the Clinton's could possibly get 4 more years in the White House. Say it isn't so.

whether the cost of living in Chicago is really too much for us.

"Meet the Focalin's" as the title for a new movie describing our journey into the world of ADHD medication.

selling Harper's med's to pay bills.

toying with thoughts.

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