Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Few Daily Stats

Stats for today, Wednesday, March 19th, 2008
1: Successful potty attempt for Zane
2: Teeth now missing from Harper's mouth
3: Readthrough's of Zane's Transformer Book
4: Versions of Jack and the Beanstalk read between George and myself to Zane who is still consumed with all things Jack and the Beanstalk
5: Baskets of clean laundry to put away
6: Times the phone rang in the course of 10 minutes. The calls were from one of my students, Erin McDonough, who wanted to tell me personally that all our work had paid off. She won the role of Jo in Little Women at New Trier! GREAT JOB, ERIN!
7: Vocabulary age that Zane reached during a research study at Northwestern
9: RSVP's for Easter Dinner
10: Potstickers consumed
14: Days we've successfully used only one vehicle
13: Doses of Focalin taken
30: Miles (give or take a few) to get to and from Children's Hospital today
30: Minutes it took George to walk home from church. He smelled ripe when he got home.
36th: Winter storm warning (or some number in the 30's. Does it really matter? We're getting a WINTER STORM WARNING ON MARCH 19TH)
40: Pacer Day laps run by Harper in gym class. (Interestingly enough, she ran more laps than all the other girls in the class, and all the other boys, except for one. Can Focalin be considered a performing enhancing drug? Uh-oh).
70: Minutes of television watched by the kids
120: Minutes I stayed up working Mary Kay and blogging after Harper, Zane, and Scout went to sleep.
And now, off to read!

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