Saturday, March 1, 2008

I'll Spare You the Details and a Photo

Not completely sure where Zane first heard and adopted this new phrase, but the other day, while shopping in Target, he proclaimed,

"This store has a stinky violation."

Ok, so I didn't find Target to stink. And upon investigation I found that Zane didn't stink either. So I'm not quite certain of the origin of this statement and why he chose to use it in Target.

The phrase has now evolved to mean just what it insinuates. A stinky violation has now adopted the definition of what one would initially imagine it to be as communicated through the words of a 3 year old who is still primarily in pull ups or diapers.

"Dad! I have a stinky violation!"

I do have to proudly report that Zane has had two stinky violations in the potty.

Wow! Enough of this. I can't believe I am actually posting about pullups/diapers, potty chairs and the deposits found in each.

Now I'm the one who has committed a stinky violation.


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