Friday, March 21, 2008

Hawk 101 vs. Bizarro 10

A day without TV can be a beautiful thing.

Your daughter cleans up her room on her own.

Your son plays happily in his room.

And then, the Secret Agent game begins. Hawk 101 (Harper) is searching for Bizarro 10(Zane) to stop him in his quest to find the magic collar: a collar that will do anything you want upon giving it commands.

Hawk 101 knows that it would be bad news for all of humanity if Bizarro 10 were to get his hands on such a treasure. Bizarro 10 is also attempting to find the super spy binoculars.

He must be stopped.

All is going well.

And then, Hawk 101 locates Bizarro 10, grabs him, and throws him to the ground.

Bizarro 10 begins to cry.

There is blood.

And a split lip.

Mom calls a time-out.

Not the, "You're in trouble, get ye to time-out!" kind of time-out, but rather the one you call when there is blood.

They are different. According to "Mom's Handbook of Time-outs", a must-read.

Pressure and ice are applied.

All is going well. All is going well.

And this is what comes of not watching TV!

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