Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Day two of the early to bed, early to rise quest.

And what happens? Zane has a massive digestive explosion (sorry folks - this is my world) from about 10 pm until 2 in the morning. Why? Who knows. He did go on one of his pistachio nut benders yesterday.

We did get to bed pretty early, with Zane sleeping ever so cockeyed between us and on top of us, and we did manage to rise early. At 2:00 am. To change yet another explosion.

The second rise was at 7:00 - a bit off from our goal of rising before the kids, but even so, all went smoothly. I wasn't about to let the circumstances beat me.

American Gladiators - you may be physically strong and oh so stealth, but try to wrap your head around MY day. You want gymnastics - I'll give you gymnastics!

To assist Harper with a positive jump start to her day, we've increased her caloric intake during breakfast. No more bagels and cream cheese. It's sausage, banana, milk, AND the bagel and cream cheese. We're experimenting with her diet as we attempt to flush out the range of emotions she's been displaying. The emotions are nothing new - you can go back to the posts about Kindergarten to read the concerns we've had and the red flags we've been furiously waving regarding bouts of anxiety, tantrums, moodiness, etc. While we wait to see an MD about these issues, we've been playing around with the diet.

Her teacher is so on board that she is now checking Harper's lunch box after lunch to see if she's eaten. If there is food left over she is allowing her to eat it in the classroom during lunch. The girl is hungry!!!!!!!!!! We've replaced all the snacks, read it, ALL OF THEM with healthy choices. Yesterday, she comes home from school, says she's hungry and proceeds to eat an entire Clif bar, banana, mini oatbran muffin, and cup of milk. At night, we give her a full glass of milk and a snack before bed - to assist in drifting off - as doing so has been difficult. Couple that with nightmares she's had on and off and she is no doubt exhausted and grouchy by morning. I don't have any other way of helping her right now, so I'm filling her stomach with nutritious fuel, as she is so obviously famished.

To help us flush out the social anxiety, moodiness, jumpiness and focus, we will be seeing a Ped. Psych in the next few weeks. Our main question is whether there is something chemical happening in that petite body of hers. Something that is robbing her of peace and calm, robbing her of being able to clear her "nocturnal" brain at night (her words), and robbing her of the ability to try new things and to continue in those activities which once gave her joy, and yet now have been abandoned due to fear.

Sometimes, when I look in her huge blue eyes I see a hollowness and a vacant gaze.

I have found, however, that upping the calories and getting creative with meals has helped - even if just a little. It's my contribution. During a time when I've felt aimless as to how I can help Harper, my little Susie Mealmaker plan is having a positive affect on her and is also helping to settle the mental pinball game bouncing around in my head.

Just get me an apron and stand back.

One that reads:

"Mother: the true American Gladiator"

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