Monday, January 28, 2008

Early To Bed, Early To Rise

We did it.

Today was one of the first days that George and I didn't wake completely exhausted. We were both up and he was out to the gym and I was on the elliptical by 6:00. I'm not certain as to why. Perhaps it was all the fabuloso chili from the church's Chili Cookoff yesterday. I don't know. Not gonna try to figure it out or overthink it. What's done is done and it was GOOD!

So, welcome to our new blogspot. The old website was getting hard to keep up with (making changes and such, since I am far from a cyber wiz) so, once again, those faithful friends from our glorious condo dwelling years, The Bernstein's, came to the rescue. It was nice to have them here last night, Julie on the computer moving my site off of a different webhoster to blogger, Andrew playing with Zane and somehow getting Z to call him "the dude", and Allie and Harper playing, and then not playing, and then playing, and then saying they were bored, and then playing, and then not playing, and so on and so forth. And voila! This morning I have a new blog. Ok, sure it looks exactly like my link to The Accidental Vegan (Melody's site), but you can talk to blogger about that. The choices for designs are limited and this one fit my personality. No, I'm not a vegan. Give me ribs and give them to me NOW.

Speaking of meat . . . oh, wait. Were we? Why not? I was up at 6:00!

Harper dug the chili yesterday. Chili. CHILI! In fact she even commented on Doug Hood's chili (winner of first place in the Heartiest category and Best of Show) saying, "I could eat Doug Hood's chili everyday!" Doug? Please give me that recipe.It was a wonder to see how her mood and energy level were lifted by chili. Hmmm. Protein, perhaps? Anyway, welcome once again to my blog. Know that all posts for Harper, Zane, myself, the family will all be here. You can read old posts on the kids by clicking the sidebar links. George has also started a blog - see the sidebar: My George.I'll update later today with some great Harper and Zaneism's, plus I CAN NOW POST PHOTOS!

Looking foward to keeping you updated.

Thanks for your patience!

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