Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Harper: The Lighter Side

This is Flamethrower. A superhero. She stands for justice. With a flame (or an electric candle from Mom's Mary Kay sales dinner) and protective goggles (so firstborn responsible of her) she will take down villains with heat and great poses.

Her sidekick: Zane the Sprayer (no photo, sorry) who apparently, sprays water on people through his hands.

Keeping our fingers crossed that we'll hear back from the Justice League. Not sure if they're hiring.


Conversation between George and Harper while stopped at a light in front of Lover's Lane, the Walgreen's of LUV.

So I've been told . . .

Harper: Who goes in that hottie store?


A conversation over Thanksgiving Dinner about cable stations (I know, that was in November - give me a break) brought out this interesting piece of information from Harper.

Harper: Will (a classmate) told me that channel 400 something is the booby channel.

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