Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Saved Saturday: Better Known as Thrifty Thursday

Sorry for leaving you hanging on Thrifty Thursday.

My lack of posting that day was intentional, for I wanted to see how Saturday and Sunday would look if I truly adopted the "Daily 7" that I wrote about last week.

The result of our commitment to the "Daily 7" is this:

We've saved our weekend. We've saved our "sabbath time".


By reaching the weekend without having anything extra to straighten.

Which helped tremendously when we got a call today requesting a showing of our home 30 minutes before the potential buyers wanted to come.

This is also the first weekend where we haven't had to spend a Saturday catching up on loads of laundry.

This will be the first Sunday where we will not have to use part of the day to wash, fold, and return clothes to the proper closet.

So while this post isn't necessarily about saving money, or being thrifty and frugal, it IS about saving TIME - which is precious.

I am thrilled that we have adopted new habits. For we are now convinced that tiny tid-bits of cleaning every day can add up to big rewards on the weekends.

And that equals a saved Saturday.


Christi said...

Ooohh...I like! :)

Gonna add this girl's blog to my list...and give the daily 7 a shot!

Wish me luck!

thecurryseven said...

You will love it! We still play catch-up on the laundry on Saturdays, but for several years now, we have done no household chores on Sunday (or computers, for that matter). It makes for a much more relaxing day. Every time I think I should be doing something I remember it is Sunday and that I "can't".

Good for you for sticking with your new schedule!

Debbie said...

Several of those things we do, but I plan to try the rest. Thanks for sharing this, and blessings to you all, and praying for the sale of your house.