Saturday, April 25, 2009

Her Dance Card is FULL

Anyone up for a stroll down memory lane?

I am.

June, last year. Harper. The school dance. A difficult night.

Compare this experience to Friday night.

April, this year. Harper. The school dance. A terrific night.

Of course I was sick and had to miss this "she's come full circle moment", but as George put it, "Well, you got to be there for her first communion. So, God gave me this one."


As he explained it over the cell phone in the middle of gym full of K-3rd graders, with DJ music thumping and the overwhelming sounds of screaming, laughing, and yelling, Harper was in her element. I was very thankful that he called to give me the report in the midst of the moment. He couldn't hear my response of glee, but I could hear his every word.

Led to the floor by Miss Beckstedt, first grade teacher extraordinaire and forever and ever in our gratitude for the work she did in Harper's life last year, Harper, while at first a bit timid, released that fear and just took off poppin' and lockin' (in her own way) with her friends.

Word on the street is that at one moment, all her friends were surrounding her as Harper break danced in the middle of a circle.

Upon her return home, Harper shared with me that she did the running man, the moonwalk, break danced, the cha-cha slide, and had a blast during all of it.

"What was so different this year, Harper?" I asked.

"I've grown up. I'm confident."

Perhaps I'll have little Miss confident explain it in her own words in a guest post. We'll see if she can leave the dance floor behind for a bit in order to share her experience here.

Stay tuned.