Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thrifty Thursday: Land's End

I have not had good luck with Land's End winter jackets.

But, it may just be me. Many folks are surprised to hear about my woes with their products.

I have had two winter jackets from Land's End. On the first, the cuff's frayed after a few months of wear. I sent it back and they sent me another, only my original color had been discontinued, and thus my boots, purchased to match the first coat, also had to be replaced. Otherwise I would have looked like a friggin' rainbow. To their credit, they took back the original boots as well.

On the replacement jacket, the zipper broke. Land's End sent me another. After wearing it for about a year I ended up donating it. I got sick of the color of the replacement. That was last winter.

So, while I can complain about Land's End workmanship, I can't complain about their return policy, for they were true to their word about either repairing or completely replacing damaged items. Due to that policy, I haven't actually had to purchase a winter coat since 2005.

Sure, it was a bit of a hassle to send the damaged jackets (and boots) back to the company, and sure, I had to then wait for the new jackets (and boots) to be shipped. And then there was the issue of the discontinued color.

But, still, I didn't pay anything.

The zipper on George's coat has been broken for two weeks. He hasn't complained and has made it work. Somehow. But, today, I finally called Land's End.

For while this new zipper issue triggers a dislike for the entire zipper department over there at Land's End, (and thus I may be switching to L.L.Bean in the future), I wasn't about to trash the coat until I got a new one. Might as well get a free replacement. Right?

And I will. I will be returning George's damaged coat, purchased in December of 2006, to Sears (as they take Land's End returns), and they will be mailing him the 2008 model of the same style.

A savings of $59.99.

I think I will investigate L.L. Bean for next winter, for the entire family will be due for a new gear - especially with the move to Beaver, where I hear snow can begin in October. L.L. Bean has a similar return policy and I'd like to see how their product quality compares to that of Land's End.

Tip of the day: Before getting all hot headed when a product breaks, as I usually do, follow up with the company - especially if the company has a return policy like Land's End or L.L. Bean stating that they will repair or replace your item for free.

It makes sense to shop with companies that offer a true satisfaction guarantee. No hassles.

Thrift means that you should always have the best you can possibly afford, when the thing has any reference to your physical and mental health, to your growth in efficiency and power. ~Orison Swett Marden

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Me said...

I have noticed that since Sears bought Lands End the quality has gone way down. Just an observation. We are switching to LL Bean.

The Wards :: Durham, NC said...

I am a loyal L.L. Bean customer. We have an L.L. Bean Visa that we use only for those orders -- which also gives us free shipping AND free return shipping.

RobbyG said...

I have been a big fan of L.L. Bean for a long time. In my experience, their product quality is very good at a reasonable price with excellent customer service including a good return policy. There is a new L.L. Bean store at Old Orchard Mall. Check them out when you have a chance.

Cuppa Jo said...

3 out of 3 friends choose L.L. Bean for their clothing needs. Thanks for the input!