Friday, February 27, 2009

Blissfully Content

My personal contributions to Blissfully Domestic for the week can be found here, with a piece about teaching children respect for personal belongings, and here, a reflection on reading chapter books to young children.

This makes 5 posts in the month of February.

I am praying for a space in my new home that is all my own. A quiet, little room, (seriously, it could be a hole in the wall for all I care), where Mom can retreat to pray, write, keep my MK inventory/supplies, read, and even spread out my scrap booking gear. I've already visited Etsy to shop for terrific art work for the walls. I found the coolest print that says, "Write", and some fabulous small pieces of art that are pink (appropriate) and have to do with coffee (all the more appropriate).

Harper is praying for a front porch with a swing.

George wants space to garden.

Zane just wants to make sure that all his toys follow us to Beaver.


I want my own office. It can be tiny. But it needs a door. I figure, Harper and Zane get their own rooms, and George has an office at church, but Mommy? Mommy is never alone - except for Friday mornings. Friday mornings - when I try to cram an entire list of "must do's" and "just want to do's because I simply want to do them" into a span of an hour and a half.

Pray with me, ok?

And until we find it, keep reading.

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Holly said...

I'll pray with you! I want my own room, tooooooooo. You saw my "corner" and it has to do for now. My 18-year-old (breathe, breathe) may be leaving for the Marines in October (now you pray with ME).

The one good thing about that? His room. :-) The rest? Not so much.