Friday, June 11, 2010

Overheard in Beaver County: Part 2

Don't jump on all over me.

I live here.  So I can't very well overhear and then recount conversations from, say, Chicago.

So this is NOT a "the big city is better than the small town" post.

After checking out at Giant Eagle last night, the cashier shared with me that I had earned $1.10 off for each gallon of gas I purchase at GetGo.

"Good! Because I won't get gas from BP. Even though it's right up the street from me."

"Yes, I heard that something had happened with BP. What's going on?"

I had to simmer down. I wanted to blow. Like an oil rig that hasn't had the proper inspections.

"Um, you know in the Gulf? Rig blew. Killed 11 men. The Gulf is a complete mess.  Worst oil spill ever in our country."  (Maybe, in history - I'm not sure and didn't want to exaggerate.)

I had to stop talking.  I was just surprised how this many days in to the crisis, somebody didn't know the enormity of this particular catastrophe.

And then, to kick my heart one more time, I heard the following from the guy behind me as I pushed my cart away:

"Yeah, so there's oil in the water. I guess a few people are upset about it."

Now, granted, I don't know where Getgo obtains their fuel.  So my boycotting BP and going to Getgo may not help one bit.  I also realize that many don't read papers or watch the news, but I guess I just think that due to the internet there is absolutely no excuse for not knowing what is going on in our country.

In our country.

This is a very patriotic area.  It's "God Bless the USA" territory.  I'm not making fun.  If you think I am, then ask me, 'cause you got it all wrong.

No, I'm just sharing that if we love the USA so very much, how can we take this spill so lightly?  Quite frankly, it's not a light spill.  Our Earth is God's creation.  Look it up.  You don't have to go far.  Genesis.  Chapter 1.  And God's creation just got hammered.  By us.

The Gulf Shore is a part of our great nation, and it has been hit by storm after storm, and now, this.  But, the damage from this spill will wind up affecting more than just the Gulf area - and not just in terms of environmental issues.

I read yesterday of a local Gulf business of over 150 years that is no longer able to get clams, their main product, from the Gulf due to the crisis.  They are now bringing in their clams from the west coast.  You don't think this will affect their business????

Do a little reading.

Know what's going on in our very own country.


karen said...

Just be aware that boycotting a local BP station may not actually do anything other than hurt a local small business owner. Many BP-labelled gas stations are locally owned franchises. Some do not even use BP oil, regardless of the name. (One women wrote of how all the gas stations in her area were filled by the same truck with the same gas, no matter what moniker was on the station itself). So you might want to check to see if your local "BP" station even uses BP gas, or if it's an independent franchise. That way you are actually sending a message to BP oil, rather than needlessly hurting a local business owner.

Anonymous said...

Karen is right. Boycotting BP will hit the local gas station owner much harder than it will BP.

Stace said...

"Just" think about the food chain. They cannot keep track of all the miniscule animals/plants that begin the food chain for fish, crab, birds...etc. The larger animals are going to die off... may not become extinct but it is going to have a HUGE impact on the coastlines for decades!