Friday, June 25, 2010

Do I Look Like I'm Made Out Of $50's?

Last Fall I was told about a great swimming program that was held at the High School. The price was right, so I decided to sign Zane up for session.

On the first day of class, he freaked.

And no, he wasn't worried about the water, he was nervous about being in a class with kids he didn't know . . . an all too familiar issue that both my kids have battled.

The teachers tried to get him in.  He wouldn't have it.  We sat in the bleachers and watched for a bit.  This didn't help either.  So, we stopped at the registration table to get our check back, as I just didn't have the fortitude to go through the emotional gymnastics it would take to encourage him to participate every Saturday. 

At the registration table I was told, "Let us keep the check.  Try again next week.  If it doesn't happen, we won't deposit."

We didn't return.  I called and left a message that it wasn't going to work.

8 weeks later, my check was deposited.

Upon calling, I was told, "Oh, you were told the wrong thing.  We don't give checks back.  You can use that money for next session."  When I explained the details, I was told, "Oh, let me see what I can do."

I never heard back.

I left several more messages.


Sure hope somebody got to use that $50.

Flash forward to this summer.  I sign Harper up for a track program three nights a week.  A program with "lots of children."  Harper shows up on Day One and is surrounded by high school and middle school students.  And one eight year old.

I'm told she needs a t-shirt.

I purchase it.

I am then asked in which event she'll be competing.


For the regional race.


If she places at the regional race, then she moves on to the state race.  And then, nationals.

Come again?

There was NOTHING about this in the brochure.  I spoke directly, as in face to face, with the Coach when we paid our registration and wasn't told anything about all the meets, etc.  Plus, as it turns out, she only needed a shirt if she was going to be competing.  Which wasn't going to happen.

After two weeks, we realized that this program wasn't helping her.  There were major nerves due to being one of the only young kids.  Plus, she developed a heel injury and MD advised us to quit running and rest it.  The heel injury, while very common in growing feet, just wouldn't heal (ha!) if she continued running.  I called the Coach hoping I could get my registration pro-rated since the program goes until the end of July.

"Sorry.  Most of the kids have already dropped off at this point since they didn't place."

I'm not sure what that means.  Did they get their money back and thus they need ours to continue funding the program?  Was the race a qualifier to continue in the program?  I'm so confused.  I just wanted a bit of my money back, that's all.  I had no idea I was signing up for such a complicated venture when I first registered and spoke with the Coach.  We thought we were signing up for a simple running class.

"So, can I still get that T-shirt?"

"Yes, we passed them out last week.  Do you still want one?"

Well, I did drop $15 on a shirt that I came to learn I didn't actually need as we had no idea there were formal track meets and we weren't interested in competing in the track meets that were spread out around PA and the East Coast anyway.  Deep breath.

So, that would be a yes.

But, my $55.  Gone.

Guess how much Zane's Karate will be every month?

Master Z, I desire a full return of my $50 investment in the form of kicking and blocking.

And personal fulfillment.  I have a hunch this is your thing, buddy.




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