Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Surprising Palettes

There are times when the reactions of my children throw me for a such a complete loop that they cause me to glance in the rear view mirror to confirm that the cargo in the backseat does indeed resemble my actual offspring rather than some other rug rats that have just happened to stow away in my car.

Take Sunday. Zane has taken a liking to classical music. No big deal. He has always enjoyed the sounds of classical music. I've not played it for him as often as I would like, only because all my classical music is on cd's and I don't have a cd player anywhere in the house, or in the car. I just need to take the time to upload them to Itunes. But really, having a kid enjoy classical music really isn't a "WOW". Seriously, parents, just because your kid finds Mozart fascinating does not a music genus make. Sorry to burst your bubble.


I would say that having your kids bite your head off for changing the station during Renaissance Madrigal music is a tad bit surprising.

So, we're driving to church and I have on the classical station and the kids are listening and are stone quiet. Zane keeps asking "is this one my favorite one?" (referring to a piece he had heard the day before) and whether we can pause it until after church. A piece ends.

Madrigal music begins.

I assume that my kids may not enjoy it and switch the station.


Um, what?

Both of them gang up on me, yelling for me to return to the station with, as Zane puts it, "the music that they are singing to God."


I'm thinking they would like Taize worship.

The alien abduction of my children continued through dinner as we dined on Tilapia, whole grain brown rice, and steamed green beans.

Again, not really so "WOW" unless you possess the background information that Zane is Mr. Seriously Picky, and yet, on this particular Sunday, he and Harper actually argued over who got more fish on their plate. More FISH.

I'm keeping my eye out for pods.

How have your children suprised you today?

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