Saturday, August 15, 2009

On Zane's Time

It just took time.

Zane's time.

In the time it takes for a week to go by, Zane went from being completely and utterly terrified of getting any part of his entire face or head wet in the pool, to being a water kid - jumping in from the side of pool (far enough out to result in his body going completely under) and racing back to the side, crawling out, and jumping again. And again. And again.

Last week?

There was no water being had near his eyes. Or on his face. Or even on his head. We even taught him how to take a shower, in hopes of helping him get comfortable with getting his head wet.

No dice. Only baths, baby.

Last Sunday, I put his bubble on, and we "swam" all around the pool. For hours. When he was comfortable, I asked him to get out and jump to me. He wanted me closer, so I obliged and positioned myself closer to the edge. And then he jumped.

And I kind of sorta moved back.

He landed in the water. Under the water.

I grabbed him, didn't really make a big deal and just went on playing the "Come back" game that we had created.

I didn't give him time to react. Just said something like, "Hey, you went under. Nice job." Then I taught him how to spit water out of his mouth. Spitting is always fun with boys, isn't it? He would take water in his mouth and try and spray me. Yes, I told him that this game probably wouldn't be appreciated by some, but for now, it was more important that he learn to expel the water, and thus, spitting, worked to our advantage. Spitting: both fun and a good learning tool!

At the next swim lesson he was all over showing his instructor how he could go under. And, yes, he spit water at her.

Her reaction was one of surprise. Positive surprise. To both actions.

Zane responded with, "My mom is going to celebrate me today!"

Dude, I celebrate you everyday. Even on the days when I could punch a wall (only ours are plaster, so I could break my hand, and my nails are looking fabulous these days, so I'll refrain).

"I am so proud of myself" has become a common statement out of your mouth. As it should be. Little man, your courage and bravery come from the Lord, as He did not give us a spirit of timidity. You have mentioned that God helps you.

Even in the pool.

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Debbie said...

This makes me happy. :)