Sunday, August 2, 2009

"Please, no more autographs! Give me my privacy. Please!"

There are plenty of ways to draw attention to oneself.

Perhaps it was my "Reading is Sexy" t-shirt a la Rory Gilmore. (40th birthday present extraordinaire from Melody - big cyber hug)

Or maybe it was the way I was cheering on my son during his swim lesson. So determined I was to prove to Zane that putting his face in the water wouldn't kill him, that I sprung for private lessons and then out of my seat while clapping wildly like a seal when he actually did stick his face in the water. For a millisecond.

Then again, it could have been that I was the only one sitting on the bleachers at the pool on that brisk day when the reporter walked up.

Well, folks, the rest is history.

The first I heard of it was in church when someone said, "You made the front page of the Beaver Times!"

And then, there was the crowding, the photographers, the massive swirl of people closing in on me. I couldn't breathe - where was my car?! Someone get the car! And the children. Save the children!

Ok, I'm dreaming.

I did indeed get interviewed about the lack of warm weather that has hindered our summer visits to the local pool. The article began with my name, mentioned George as being the new Associate Pastor at Four Mile, shared that Zane was swimming "under the watchful eye of an instructor", and that the pool was a place where I had figured both my kids, including Harper, 8, could meet other kids. That is, if it were actually warm enough to swim.

This was a top story.

I live in a small town.

Everyone I know, which, granted, isn't a ton of people, saw the article, commented on the article, and remarked how funny it was that of all the people interviewed it was the new family from Chicago, here just shy of 2 months, who got plucked out of obscurity and thrust into the limelight that is the local news.

Jealous much?

No really, it was quite humorous today and everyone got a kick out of it - although my hand is sure to fall off from all the papers I signed.

Oh, how I wished I had managed to mention Mary Kay during the interview. I'm sure she liked to swim.

You can read the top news story here!


Debbie said...

How wonderful! Our small town is the same way with news. Here you also get to read who was admitted to the hospital, got a speeding ticket from the State Police, and who had dinner at whose house to celebrate whose birthday. Sure beats hearing, "Another 7 people were murdered in the capital today..." Enjoy Mayberry! :)

Cuppa Jo said...

There is also "Mugshot Monday". Thankfully, I didn't make that page.

Riki said...

Mugshot Monday is my favorite