Sunday, January 4, 2009


Much thanks and super duper props go out to the Butcher's for loaning us their Saturn for an indefinite amount of time.

I was very flattered to receive messages from a few friends this morning, who, having read my recent posts, offered up loaner vehicles. We could have gone from zero to three cars within a day. Impressive.

Props to my very green neighbor, Jane Holt, who came upon George walking to pick up the Butcher's car, and even though he looks so menacing, took a risk, picked him up, and saved him a mile walk. Considering he walked to and from church today, I'd say he's had his share of exercise for a Sunday.

And props also go out to Myron Crockett, who whisked George off last night on a highly important mission to pick up inflatable light sabers, on hold for one day only. Zane, and his buddies, will be forever grateful when they wield these at his 4th birthday next week as they destroy the bubble asteroids that will be floating around our galactic living room.

It's nice to feel covered and cared for by peeps.

Yes, I said peeps.

Oh yeah, I went there.


andrew said...

Can't Georgie-poo take the bus sometimes? Like the CTA 205 or one of the PACE routes that goes down Golf or Church?

Cuppa Jo said...

Um, yeah, the bus doesn't leave early enough on Sunday mornings for Georgie-poo.

andrew said...

Ok, then why did he have to walk home? Couldn't he have taken the bus home?

You should have gotten him a Segway for Xmas.

Or asked Dr. S to borrow her van.

Cuppa Jo said...

You are so concerned about Georgie-poo . . . he walked 'cause he's trying to run or walk every day - it's a health thing. You will be proud to know that he didn't walk, or run, to get downtown Chicago today, as he had to be there all day. He took public transportation.

Who's Dr. S?

When are we going to Blind Faith with no children????????

andrew said...

Dr. S = My lovely upstairs neighbor!

Dinner: I don't know! When are you finding me a babysitter? ;-)

I wasn't concerned about Georgie-poo so much as you gave the aura that he was suffering due to all the walking! I was just being all helpful and stuff. Cuz I care about the "Poo".

I didn't see George on the train, or downtown. You sure he's not out goofing off?