Thursday, May 22, 2008

Welcome Back

Welcome back.
Sorry for the hiccup.
When I don't drink enough coffee I do things like . . .
delete my blog by mistake.
Won't do it again.
Trust me.
So, after a few days of quiet panic, (and I truly did keep my emotions together much more than I expected after the fatal "click"), ample emails to blogger, which were never returned, frantic emails to Julie, who I think is a genius, a joyous reunion of my posts via Google Reader, and 3 days of re-designing (I came up with the coffee theme, George came up with the description about the fully caffeinated life and Harper chose all the colors) and cutting and pasting, I'm back up and running.

Why is this blog so very important to me?

Because writing is both my prayerful and creative outlet.

To understand fully, I direct you to my post titled, "Untitled Novel". Like every other post, it's under May.

No, I didn't write 58 posts this month . . . please. I do have a family to care for, skin care to sell, and children to amuse with catchy little songs.

This is a new start, not only of the blog, but of an exploration of breaking into the Mommy blogging world . . . so, no doubt . . . you will begin to see ad's on my site. There's a wagon I want to hop on and it involves blogging and making money. The opportunity does exist. I'm going to find it.

Thank you to those of you who wondered where oh where my little blog went.

It's back now.

So, pour yourself a cuppa Jo and enjoy.

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