Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

What better way to celebrate than by spending the day nursing your husband who has flu-like symptoms and keeping the children occupied with reading, baking, the computer and anything else you can pull out of your pocket on a rainy day. For instance, how about experimenting on your daughter? Yeah, cool idea!

Figuring that we'd be in all day, (we skipped church today) I decided to fore go Harper's medication today.

Let the races begin!

Oh. My. Word.

In George's words as he lay on the couch attempting to sleep, "My daughter is a whirling dervish."

Folks, I've said it once.

I've said it twice.

I'll say it again.

ADHD is real and coming to a theater near you.

Seriously, while her spirits are bright, her energy is non-stop. And her volume? Insanely loud. Ok, some of this is a learned behavior of projection from observing dear 'ole Mom, and yet the sheer enormity of her sound surpasses even what I can do.

It's noon. So administering her medication at this point would be ridiculous as it wouldn't wear off by bedtime. We'll get through. It's not like she's combative or incredibly disruptive. She's just . . . bouncy.

Let's play on the computer!


Let's bake a cake!


Let's go through every piece of costume jewelry and untangle each and every piece and then separate them into different catagories such as "sell", "keep", and "needs to be sorted", and then open a store at home, using Scouts crate as a strip mall.

I mananged to scrounge up enough coffee to make myself 1 1/2 cups. That should hold me.

No more experimenting.

I've really never excelled at science.

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