Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Back on April 2, we went the cold turkey route of potty training Zane. Just a bit over a month later, he is in underwear everyday, and aside from the bout of normal constipation which can indeed occur with potty training, we're done.

Done, meaning, that Zane no longer wears diapers during the day.

Done, meaning, that he will still have accidents (as no kid, no matter what anyone says, is really completely toilet trained until right around 5).

Done, meaning, that he will continue to wear diapers during nap time and bedtime.

Done, meaning, that we do have to be responsible for taking him to the bathroom about once an hour, as a reminder that he does need to go.

Ask a toddler IF they have to go to the potty, and inevitably their answer will be "No." Tell a toddler that it is potty time, and they will pretty much follow you there. Especially if following you there, doing the deed, and washing one's hands secures that jellybeans will follow.

Zane knows that he gets 3 jellybeans every time he goes. We do not hold back jellybeans if he has an accident, nor do we scold him for it. We learned our parenting lesson from the first time around (with Harper) that punishment doesn't further the cause at all. Only positive reinforcement works. So much so, that yesterday, Zane asked if he could have four jellybeans if he pooped. He has been terrified of doing so, and thus constipated. After using some miracle over the counter relief, everything is relaxed and moving again. And, apparently the stuff also helps your kid with math as Zane knows that one more jellybean makes four. Isn't he smart. He poops AND he adds. Brilliant.

So, while done doesn't mean "good luck with all that", it does mean that we've moved forward from changing diapers everyday.

I believe it is time for the diaper genie to retire. She's had a good run of 7 years.

Anyone who would like to congratulate Zane may purchase him some cool briefs. He has whitie tighties, spiderman, elmo, shrek, and cars. But through the potty training experience we did just opt for throwing some away rather than attempting to wash them . . . so now I'm on the lookout for batman, superman, micky mouse, and construction vehicle underwear.

Feel free to give Zane the gift of big boy independence! He's a 3T. No Nascar please. I just can't handle my cute son walking around in something that reminds me of Will Ferrell in Talladaga Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. ("Dear Baby Jesus . . .") On the flip side, Anyone who can find Super Why (the PBS show) underwear will be the talk of this house for years to come.

Next up . . . crib removal.

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