Saturday, May 7, 2011

Who Needs a Radius and Ulna, Anyway?

Loot from Beaver Community Yard Sale per Harper and Zane.

As sales came in at our house (they chose to sell a bunch off stuff), Harper and Zane decided to take a bit of their earnings and walk the neighborhood without me (GASP!)

Zane comes walking home at one point along with a personal courier who is holding a large black garbage bag that I was sure contained some sort of  legoy, playmobily, an awful lotta small pieces type of toy. Yep. For $2.00 Zane is now the proud owner of some dinosaur camp. I don't know. I simply found a bin for it and dumped it in for proper storage in the play room.

Then there was the:

Small pottery wheel kit (Harper)
Crystal-Making Kit (Zane)
Spin-Paint (Zane)
Laser-Gun (Zane - no real lasers . . . just cool sounds)

And . . .

(As if we are even entertaining putting Harper on such a thing after the twice broken arm.)

A snowboard.

You heard me.

No, it's not anything to admire. It's a plastic deal.

But, it is, indeed, a snowboard.

And, in true Harper form, she connected her feet and started attempting jumps.

My response?

"Get the crap away from the hill!!!!"

Mom isn't ready to risk anymore broken bones right now.

Best sale/non-purchase of the day?

Zane, not "feeling" the Nerf cross-bow in which he invested a few weeks back, sold it, taking a huge loss. Well, I knew this, but he didn't. And since I didn't pay for the thing - whatever.

And then, at the end of the day, as the children on our street gathered for a Nerf war, I mentioned to one of the older warriors that Zane had sold his weapon that day.

"Oh, he can just have this one. I have several."

Zane now has a *new* Nerf gun. He still wants to invest in one that is green, but the glee he felt being given a Nerf gun from one of the older guys????

Worth the loss he took on the prior sale.

I've now written two posts about today. I couldn't have loved it more.

(And neighbor on the way with a Trader Joe order . . . sigh. Really. Good. Day.)

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