Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pittsburgh Playhouse: Thumb's Up!

Date night.

Only, he doesn't like me to call it a "date" any longer.

But, he can't read this entire post, so he doesn't know won't hurt him.

Date night with Zane.

It was amazing.

I first found out about the Pittsburgh Playhouse through Groupon of all sites. For other than the show I'm currently rehearsing, and the professional touring companies coming through the city, (Billy Elliott is on its way!), I have been completely out of the theater loop.

Pittsburgh Playhouse may be just want the doctor ordered.

"Peter and the Wolf" has been a favorite of Zanes for years. He loves listening to "beautiful music" at night and has been lulling off to Patrick Stewart's soothing narration of the timeless story for several years now. When the chance to see an adaptation of the story live on stage showed up in my email box, I purchased.

The theater was easy to reach (except for a few close calls in the car as I navigated the craziness that is the city of Pittsburgh), parking is accessible and cheap at the hospital next door (only $4), tickets are surprisingly inexpensive for Playhouse Jr. productions ($7), and the theater itself? Awesome. 10 out of 10.

The lobby had a display of the costume, set, and lighting design for the current show and the next show, "Diary of Anne Frank" (yep, I already have plans to attend with Harper). The cafe is warm and friendly, and offers wonderfully priced items to sit and munch or sip before the show. The roaming actors prior to curtain was a HIT- especially because somehow we had first row seats, prime real estate for interaction.

First row.

Each character made their way around to Zane and chatted with him. Oh, to see his face.

Seriously. Theater is so much more magical than a Wii game.

The sets, costumes, blocking, choreography, and length of the show were all perfect for a children's production. And, there were just enough adult jokes (not THAT kind of adult joke) sprinkled in for me.

Afterwards, for $1, you could purchase a black & white cast photo to be signed by each actor.

Zane stood in line patiently. Shyly communicating with the players.

Until he reach her. The one he REALLY wanted to meet.

The Bird. His ultimate, hand's down, FAVORITE character in the production.

She was terrific - he knows his stuff.

He was speechless upon meeting her, so she signed his photo and we moved on. Only, I KNEW he wanted a photo with her and just couldn't work up the courage to ask.

Mama to the rescue.


To know that there is a playhouse of such quality available to my family adds yet another "I'm home" quality to living here in Pittsburgh. And, they don't only offer productions for children. The Playhouse also houses full blown Rep companies and a conservatory.

I'd LOVE to do children's theater of this quality.

Who knows. Maybe, at some point, I'll click the "audition" tab on their website . . . .

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Amy said...

This. Is. Awesome! Is this a regular thing they do? I wish we had something like that locally. It's so expensive to go into the nearest city to see something and even the local school groups are kind of ridiculous. The local elementary school (4th and 5th graders) just did a jr. production of Into the Woods (which I LOVE). But that was even going to cost $12/adult and $7/kid.

And, of COURSE the bird is his favorite! It's the best part! :P