Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rocky Re-entry

We missed Karate last week due to our church's Super Week (evening Vacation Bible School for the entire family), and of course my short term memory kicked in about how easily (NOT) my kids jump back into extra-curricular hobbies after being absent.  Even absent once.

It's the nature of this household.

I take a lot of deep breaths.

Harper was signed up for a three day tennis workshop this week, after 10 weeks off due to the broken armastrophe.  Although Day One never happened, due to her rocky re-entry nerves.  Day two and three?  All good.  Phew.

Same goes with Zane.  The moment we hit the door for Karate class tonight, he shared that he didn't want to take participate, and didn't want to take class next week either, which would earn him his uniform.

I sat patiently.  Really.  I did.  I prayed.  I asked him questions as to why.  The instructor is EXCELLENT and checked in with him several times.  He eventually worked up the nerve to sit with the other kids.  Me, by his side.  I love this studio, because I am well aware that at others I may not be allowed to accompany him on the floor.  Especially not at the fourth class. Maybe the first class, but fourth?  However, this place?  Dig them.

And then it happened.

All the kids have a card to mark off every 5 classes, for at the end of every 5 they take a skills test to earn a uniform, or belt, or stripe.  Zane was sitting next to an older boy (8 maybe) with a green striped belt.  Tonight, this boy was earning an orange stripe to add to it.  Said boy glanced over at Zane's card, pointed to the 1, 2, 3, and 4, and then tapped the #5 that was marked with the word "uniform".  Zane's 5th class is next week. Uniform day.

He had witnessed Zane's struggle to walk on the floor tonight.  There are only 5 kids in class, so when one sits out, it's pretty obvious.  So what does this kid go and do?

He turns to Zane, smiles, and gives him a high-five.

This was all done without speaking.  Zane beamed.

Yes, I about cried and hugged that boy.

The boy continued to encourage the other beginner in the class, who was testing for his uniform tonight, with another high-five.

Next week, I will corner that kid's Dad and congratulate him on a job well done.

And I will thank the boy as well.  And give HIM a high-five.

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Debbie Legg said...

Give that fella a high five from me, too. He has the spiritual gift of encouragement. :)