Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dul/둘's a Charm

So far, so good.

Zane began Tang Soon Do classes at Steel Dragons last week.

To you it may sound corny, but I truly believe that God laid on my heart to look into Karate classes for Zane and then led me to Steel Dragons for that instruction. I looked into several schools, and found them all so large. Knowing my child as I do, I was certain that smaller class size would be essential. When I stumbled upon Steel Dragons, I had a holy spirit hunch that I'd found the place. After inquiring about classes I received a phone call from one of the owners, and was overjoyed to talk with her about her approach with the children which seemed so opposite from the intense structure and initial financial commitment I was finding at other studios.

Last week, the class consisted of her daughter, who is almost a black belt, and another young boy who had yet to receive his uniform. At this studio, uniforms are earned after 5 classes and a test. Zane thrives on that kind of thing. Today, he informed me that he only had 3 more classes to go to get his uniform.

Last week, Zane wouldn't go out on to the floor until Harper jumped in for the assist. They went out together. Then, Zane wanted me out on the floor. I didn't hesitate. I participated for part of the class and then quietly exited when I realized he was comfortable.

Today, he expressed that he was nervous because there might be new children in the class. This is exactly the type of hurdle that could block his enthusiasm and willingness to even try. BUT, the excellent gem of an instructor had left him with a task at the end of class last week, and Zane knew that it was important for him to bring to class the information that she would need for this week.

As we entered, he immediately told her that he had the information. And then, he sat with the class - even though he was the only child not in uniform (accept for the owners' youngest daughter who was trying class for the first time).

While he felt flustered during counting to 10 in Korean, another glitch that could send him running back to where parents were seated, he persevered. When the class moved out to the middle of the floor for warm-up and a trek through the jungle, Zane reminded his instructor that she had asked him to suggest that the class act like his favorite animal.  Lions.  This is complete evidence of a solid teacher - giving a child ownership and treating them as if they are an important part of the team.

After class, I asked Zane what he enjoyed most.

"I like the parts that don't make me worry."

"What do you mean, Zane? Which parts make you worry?"

"Last week made me worried. I was scared. This week, I did the whole thing."

"So you liked this part? Today's class."

"Yes. I loved it."

Can we all celebrate the fact that Zane actually participated in his FIRST "hobby" class outside of a preschool class? I know other kids take dance, t-ball, skating, etc. Zane never has, and like his sister, has been fearful of those environments. So today is officially a FIRST for him. Along with art classes, I'd say that my boy is beginning to embrace and actually attempt his interests.

We're looking forward to next week and are praying that class number set/셋 goes just as smoothly.

Way to go, Zane.

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