Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Label Me

Dear Mr. Vernon: We accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it was we did wrong. But, we think you're crazy to make us write an essay telling you who we think we are. You see us as you want to see us: in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But, what we found out is that each one of us is:

a brain . . .
And an athlete . . .
And a basket case . . .
A princess . . .
And a criminal.
Does that answer your question? Sincerely yours, The Breakfast Club.

Label ME.

See, I've been blogging now since 2001. I blame it on the Bernstein's. I love them. But, I completely blame them for this addictive habit called blogging. I initially began blogging as a means of recording my walk through parenthood - first with posts about Harper, and then adding posts about Zane.

I've been "Harper's World", "In-Zane", "Team Atkins", and "Cuppa Jo".

But now?

While I still write about parenting and continue to record memories of my children that over time will begin to get fuzzy in this foggy brain of mine, I have definitely expanded my topics. I've become more opinionated about customer service, I've dabbled in posts designed to help one embrace the idea of being thrifty and less wasteful. I've added links to Giveaways I find on other sites.

My once upon a time family blog has morphed into several different blends of coffee. It has become (and I can joke about this, but you can't) Cuppa Jo: ADHD Blend.

There are all types of bloggers: mommy bloggers, political bloggers, sports bloggers, entertainment bloggers, health and wellness bloggers, home-schooling bloggers, etc. You name it, there's a blog. No topic is left untouched. No opinion left unturned. Blogging is a virus that has completely taken over the internet. Everyone seems to have a blog. Some, have actually figured out how to turn blogging into a paycheck. Some bloggers have corporate sponsors and advertisers. Some bloggers review products, and thus, are being sent freebies (which they must disclose or risk a fine) weekly.

As I register on sites where I can post pieces, such as Blissfully Domestic, Blogher, Divine Caroline, to name a few, I have discovered that I am having an identity crisis.

Blissfully Domestic has asked me to write on the topic of Family Issues. Cool. I can handle that. I have a family. I have issues. Check.

However, on Blogher and Divine Caroline, I've yet to list my blog, as upon doing so, one needs to choose a category which describes the blog.

And here is where I'm stumped.

I am not my friend Anitra, who offers product reviews, giveaways and "Tidbits" to make one's life easier. I am not Stephanie, who not only turned a successful blog about slow-cooking into a book deal, but also has one of the best "home" blogs in cyber-space. (Holla! Sorry if I just "labeled" you, Stephanie). I am not the folks at Problogger - who have so much great information to share about making one's blog more successful that my head gets overwhelmed with "I shoulds", and I wind up paralyzed.

No, no, no. This isn't a pity party. I'm not looking for a pick-me-up. I admire these bloggers, but I also know that I am not them - nor do I have to be. I am a creative writer. Of this I am quite sure. As a creative writer I am still feeling around as to where my keyboard should land in the world of blogging.

As funny as it sounds, I need a LABEL. I know. Seriously, who really likes being labeled? However, I am quite sure that I do need one so that I can begin to streamline and focus my direction.

I am on the cusp of something. Something new. Something that God has laid on my heart two weeks in a row now after Mom to Mom. It may include an entirely new Pot of Jo. Cuppa Jo will remain, as a place for personal reflection, but this new Pot of Jo will be more intentional. I'm working it out. I'm not ignoring God's nudges. I just don't know how to actually start the brewing process.

Until the new pot is ready, I'll continue to figure out who I am in cyber-world.

I need your help to figure it out.

How would you categorize Cuppa Jo? I won't be offended if you simplify me into a one word label: brain, athlete, basket case, princess, or criminal.

How about leaving me a comment with a short (emphasis on short) description of this blog and sharing why you even indulge in a Cuppa Jo. What makes this blog different from others?

If I don't like your label I will simply make fun of your Barry Manilow wardrobe.

"Don't mess with the bull, young man. You'll get the horns."


George Atkins said...

I find your blog to be comical memoir. You are transparent about our life together as a family and what you are learning personally, but you always seem to find the humor in what we are learning, or at least the irony.

I think your strength is in your passion to empower and encourage people, particularly women, and moms, to live beyond their self-imposed definitions. You're not satisfied with categories.

Cuppa Jo said...

Um, wow.

All, I can possibly say is, I love you.

You have done nothing short of encouraging my writing and are constantly telling my that there is something bigger I'm supposed to do and that it involves writing.

I'll keep at it . . . so blessed that you are beside me and support my crazy visions and dreams.

George Atkins said...

I can't imagine being anywhere else,and with anybody else.

Anonymous said...

Okay, um, get a room you two!

Having said that, I have to admit that I struggle a little bit with this too. I feel like my Tidbits are so random, and don't really fit into one specific category. If there was a category for random mommy ramblings, that would describe my blog. Whenever I'm forced to choose, I choose parenting simply because I write to moms. I'd sorta put you in that category because your overall emphasis is on family. Your posts are going to get noticed by tons of women, regardless of the category you choose, because you write so well. Just close your eyes and point to one.
BTW, I think George described your blog perfectly.
Okay, rambling done.