Sunday, September 6, 2009

Writer's Challenge: A Guest Post By Harper Atkins

I am entering a writer's challenge. My mom talked me in to it.

I said it was MY chose!! But then she said we are a family that tries everything. So now am in a writer's challenge. I have to write about what my favorite place is in beaver county. I am deciding on two places. Castle toys or the little dinner. I thought this was not going to be fun. But it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Julie Bernstein said...

Happy writing, Harper! From Julie & Alli

Anonymous said...

You can do it! How fun. Riley LOVES to write. We even know a place where they will produce a book for you with pictures and all with your name as the author.


Amy said...

Go Harper! That is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Go for it, Harper! Can't wait to read your final piece!

Julie :)