Thursday, September 24, 2009

More Unplanned Seinfeld References

No more Muffie talk. However, before I drop it for good, let me add that I am so tempted to walk back into the "puh" establishment and yell, "Top of the muffin to you! Everybody feeling well enough to work today? I hope so, because you will be getting a surprise visit from the Department of Agriculture. Come on, now. Look alive. Spit spot! Oh, no, no, no, no, no! No, don't actually spit."

But, alas, no. I'm moving on to more interesting topics. Topics such as, getting dressed in the morning.


Today was a lazy day. This basically means that I do not have to be anywhere until pre-school pick up at 12:45. It's the kind of day where, if I owned them, I would hang out in my beautiful mommy yoga clothes. All day. No makeup - ok, maybe a little concealer, tinted moisturizer, and mascara. And lip gloss. I may be lazy, but it doesn't affect my vanity.

My goals to be accomplished before noon: unpack boxes of books sitting in my living and carry stacks of them down from the third floor. Arrange all of them on the shelves in the living room. Straighten up the dining room. Rehearse a few songs in preparation for leading music at our 4Kidz Service next Sunday. So actually, if you think about it, when you combine unloading books, climbing and descending three flights of stairs several times while carrying stacks of books, and bouncing around to some highly aerobic dance movements set to worship tunes, yoga pants do actually apply.

I'm not lazy after all! I happen to dress based on mood.

Woke up, put on my not so beautiful mommy yoga pants, and a new swingy shirt with a bit of smocking along the neckline, and long sleeves that gathered at the wrist, tied a bandanna on my head, and turned towards my mirror to face A PIRATE STARING BACK AT ME.

Yes, I almost left the house looking like a pirate. And to think I usually wear silver hoop earrings also.

I can just hear it now upon needing to run errands later in the day, "Mom, are you ready to go? What's taking so long?"

"Just a minute, hon, I can't find my eye patch. Or lip gloss."


Maybe the neighbors would have thought nothing of it. Just that crazy chick from Chicago rehearsing for the Halloween Hop a month early.

Come to think of it, I don't actually know what a Halloween Hop is.

But, I'm ready for it. All costumed up. With ridiculous items from my very own closet.

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