Friday, July 18, 2008

Well, If Your Pastor Suggests It . . .

This caption is a bit misleading. We tried something a little different tonight, which, in the future, could actually entice the kids to hit the hay with a bit less of a struggle. I wouldn't necessarily call it stupid, as the idea was actually shared with us by our Pastor who also used this trick with his kids when they were younger. And I certainly wouldn't call him stupid.

Ok, now that we've gotten that out of the way . . . the part where I announce that I don't think my Pastor is stupid . . . we can get on with it.

Tonight, we implemented PAJAMA RIDE!

What is it you ask? Ha! That was the same thing the kids were yelling through their giggles as we rushed them into the car, shoeless and in their pajamas, after startling them out of their bedrooms at 9:30 tonight while making a New Year's racket with wooden spoons on stainless steel saucepans as we joyfully hooted and hollered, "Wake up! It's PAJAMA RIDE time. Everyone out of bed! Get in the car! WHOOOOO!"

Zane popped up in his crib, beaming, as George entered his room, "Daddy! You are waking me up? What are we doing?"

Harper flew open her door and just stared at us with those huge eyes of hers while her mouth hung open in disbelief.

After all the enthusiasm of rushing them down the stairs and outside to the car, we had to pause while the genius that I returned inside to locate the car key . . . but after this little stumble, all went smoothly.

Come on, it was our first time. We're still working out the kinks.

They laughed through their questions as to where we were going, and why we were out so late, and what PAJAMA RIDE was. We just kept yelling, "It's PAJAMA TIME! WHOOOOOOO!"

And then we pulled up to McDonald's, ordered them vanilla shakes and small fries, and became the best parents on the planet for at least 30 minutes.

Harper responded with her usual, "This is crazy! You two are crazy heads! This is awesome!"

Zane just kept saying that he wanted to always have PAJAMA RIDE time, which seems about right as the kid would live in pajamas if he could. Seriously, pajamas are his very favorite choice of clothing. Today alone he wore three different pairs.

Upon returning home, Harper and I sat on her bed, sharing fries, while taking turns asking each other secret questions. The particulars of those questions and answers will remain between me and my girl. Sorry.

As I tucked her in, we kissed and hugged and then she threw herself into my lap. Actually threw herself into my lap for a bear hug. She then asked when we would have our next PAJAMA RIDE.

"Harps, you will never know. It could happen in 10 minutes for all you know. But, you'll never know if you don't go to bed. That's the key to unlocking the surprise."

D*&^! I AM GOOD!

So, thanks, Pastor Dave. And feel free to send more stupid parenting tricks our way. For if a PAJAMA RIDE falls into the category of a stupid parenting trick, then I say, "Stupid is as stupid does."

I'm with you, Dave.

Oh, and you should know that we also like what you teach us about Jesus.

And that most certainly isn't stupid. In fact, I happen to think that Jesus had a really fun time on the PAJAMA RIDE. Although it wasn't His first. He's been on these before, with your family.

We'll be honored to carry on the tradition.

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