Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Museum Adventures of the Dynamite Explorers

Yes, this is a pretty long title, but created by Harper, and thus, perfect.

For Spring Break, we've decided to take advantage of FREE museum days here in Chicago. It seems as if many museums no longer offer free days, or only offer free admission at limited times, however, we have been able to plan a week involving the exploration of at least three of them.

First up was the Chicago History Museum. Become a giant Chicago hot dog, sniff the smells of the city, ride an old fashioned bicycle, hop on the "L" or a steam locomotive, and learn about the great Chicago fire . . . a lot to do and see. We learned that Chicago is named after a word in the language spoken by the Miami and Illinois peoples meaning “striped skunk, ” a word they also applied to the wild leek . . . and we sniffed one. Yuck. Zane wouldn't go near it after the reaction Harper and I had to smelling it. The kids met a little boy name Charlie during our visit and the three of them repaired the steam engine.

I also gained a bit of insight into one of the reasons Harper is embarrassed to share her name with others when they ask (for sometimes he is hesitant). After not answering Charlie when he asked, I took her aside to question her about it:

"I don't like to say my name. People don't get it when I say it."

She went on to share that her name was different and that sometimes people don't "hear" her or get it wrong, or have to repeat it in a questioning tone, ("Harper?"), and that this embarrasses her. Interesting.

Today, we visited the Museum of Contemporary Art.

More on that adventure later!

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