Thursday, April 3, 2008

Explorer Down! Explorer Down!

Zane is done exploring.

Today we visited the Peggy Notebart Nature Museum.

We got a late start, as I had to finish the whole controlled substance prescription situation before we could visit the museum, but we got there.

We arrived and couldn't find parking.


Out of all the FREE museum days, this one was the most trying. And the most packed.

After driving in a circle for about 15-20 minutes the sun shined and we all cheered as someone started to pull out of a spot DIRECTLY ACROSS FROM THE ENTRANCE. Ah, things were looking up.

We really enjoy this museum as it is truly hand's on for the kids. However, that being said, it's very hard to be hand's on when the joint is literally packed with schools and every other mother, their children, and their SUV strollers.

Harper and Zane worked together to turn a river into a lake by building a dam, we experienced the butterfly sanctuary as just that - a sanctuary, (as all the other kids were leaving the exhibit just as we entered and thus it was quite peaceful - plus, Zane didn't step on any butterflies this time), attempted to take some portraits in the photo booth (um, yeah, try that with two monkeys and see if you get a good shot), explored a "green house" and made a family crest to remind us to recycle.

Zane spent the entire time going in and out of a grumpy, whiney, "I'm so done with all this" attitude. I had the stereotypical mother/child experience when Zane yelled at the top of his lungs, "I want a snaaaaaaaack!". I smiled. I gritted my teeth. I left my wallet in the photo booth and Harper's crest in the art area.

We got both back.

But, all in all, this is just what it is . . . being a parent and having children. Two tired children.

We got home, read books while Zane used the potty, he got his 3 jellybeans for being successful and then he took a nap.

He's still a bit out of it, even after the nap. Just plain crabby.

My mom says everyone has days like these.

Even in Australia.

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