Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lenten Progress

Easter is almost here. 5 more days.

Great time to check-in and reveal how my Lenten Project has faired.

I give myself a "C". Ok, maybe a "C+".

For while waking with sun, (or, rather, at least 30 minutes earlier every day) was the initial plan, I've been very hit and miss on this task. (Caution: list of excuses to follow.)

Rain. Lots of rain. Husband in Belize. Staying up too late. All of these have contributed to my NOT rising as early as I would have liked during Lent. Rain, you say? Yes. I love a day or two of rain. But when one gets almost an entire month of it? It starts to bring a mother down. Seriously, I think we may get more rain than Seattle.

Ok, so the rising wasn't consistent. Thus, the drop in grade.


The morning ROUTINE has absolutely been redesigned. Transformed. Changed for the better. Refocused.

The ultimate goal was fellowship with my Lord, was it not?

I can honestly say, that while rising earlier may have fallen short, my devotional time with God before moving forward with my day has absolutely occurred daily, AND has paid big dividends. My reward has yielded a much better profit than simply adding "morning person" to my list of mad skills.

What have I gained?

Intentional, consistent, daily time alone with the One who establishes and orders my days.

Thank you Lord for gently tapping me each morning, and then patiently waiting for me to join you once I have dragged my night-owl wings out of bed.

For the record, I'll keep asking God to build the discipline of rising earlier into my life. I'm fun that way. Only, this Lent, I am thankful for His grace - that all my "ducks" (the goal of 6:30 AM) did NOT need to be in a row in order to have met with the One who gives me life and breath every day. Many get caught up in "I must DO this, in order to DO that", and had I put off meeting with Him due to my disappointment at not sticking to the plan (rising earlier),  I would have missed the richness that He has shared with me over these past 35 days.

That is progress.

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Stace said...

amen, amen and amen! I couldn't have said it better myself! As a morning person, I've had to adapt my routine to say No Fun Reading until I've READ His book. It has helped my through my reading through the Bible Chronoligically. Actually, I'm ahead. I get blessed and excited and wonder "what is going to happen next" in the history or my LEARNING and I keep 'on readin'! THANK THE LORD THAT MY GOAL OF READING HAS TURNED INTO HIS GOAL OF TEACHING AND REFORMING ME!