Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mom Seeking Hug. Zane, Please Apply.


Day Two.

"Wait," you say, "What about Day One?"

You can read a bit about that over at Pittsburgh Mom.

Yes, I have a lot more to say on the subject.  But, for now, let me leave you with this tasty morsel of deliciousness.

I mentioned to Zane that I haven't had the opportunity to hug him prior to his running into school over the past two days.  The first day, he was way too nervous to have Mom touch him.  Today, there was some discussion about whether he wanted to stay for lunch and I had to give him a slight, well, shove, up the stairs.

(Not to worry - he is LOVING Kindergarten.  Comes home yapping up a storm everyday, and tells us his teacher is "awesome".)

So after sharing about those missing hugs, my little Romeo response with,

"Oh, Mommy!  Let's fix that RIGHT NOW!"

And we did.

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Debbie Legg said...

*sigh* Love that Zane. :)