Thursday, February 4, 2010

Family Dinner: You Want Witty Quips with That?

Reuben night.

Why haven't I thought of it before?

This family loves Reubens.

Tonight we settled down to a perfect diner dinner of Reubens and dill pickles. Hold the fries.

Harper was very impressed with George's Reuben grilling skills, noting that they came very close to resembling her favorite dish at The Town Square Diner - her joint of choice.

Dinner was winding down when I asked Harper to hand me her multiplication math worksheet packet so that I could check her answers.

"Why do you ALWAYS have to check my answers!?"

"Because God told me to, WHEN HE HANDED ME A BABY!"


And then, thankfully, a ton of a laughter.

Ice cream was served.

"Mommy, can I have sprinkles on mine?"

"Um, the chocolate sprinkles met with an accident last night."

George took a long look at me, "You didn't. The whole thing?"

Yes, Sherlock. What was left of the half-full bottle (did you catch that - I'm a positive person) met its demise with a bowl, a spoon, and my mouth while watching the last episode of "Worst Cook in America" last night.

I have a thing for chocolate ants. Blame my father.

I quickly found some replacement sprinkles in the back of the cabinet which didn't meet my qualifications for a late night binge. Harper, who is anti-sprinkle (which begs to argue whether she's truly my flesh and blood, except for the Reuben fetish), handed all the bottles to Zane with a hearty, "Knock yourself out."

Our dinnertime bash ended with an interrogation of Zane as to the whereabouts of the last piece of his Reuben which we had asked him to finish.

"Zane did you eat it?"

Big eyes.

"Zane, did you feed it to the dog?"

Big eyes.

"Zane, did you throw it away?"



Gotta love the family dinner.

What did you talk about around the table tonight?


thecurryseven said...

This is A.'s favorite meal. She asks for it every week. It's also what she chooses for her birtday dinner. She loves it so much that she scans the loss leader adds in the paper hoping that corned beefs are on sale. All I can say is that it's a good thing her birthday is in March.


Joseph said...

Joe makes a mean baked fries that would go perfectly on the side with this and is oil fat-free.

Hmmmm....I think I was eating some perfect parmesan popcorn the same time you were consuming your son's chocolate ants. :-D