Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Me? A "Cake-eater"?

Back in March when Harper and I came out to Beaver, one of the goals we had was to see several pre-schools and choose one for Zane. We visited many places.

A conversation at one of these schools really stands out to me now as I begin to learn more about the history of Beaver.

I was asked by one of the teachers at a school I was observing, where I was looking to buy a house. I mentioned the address of the house we now own.

"Ohhh! Riverside!"

I was a bit taken back at her obvious astonishment, so I pressed her.

"Tell me what you know about the borough, and specifically the area on the 'riverside' of town."

"Well, it's just that most of the rich families live on that side of 3rd street", she answered.

"Really? Well, they better make room for the Clampett's then!"

I made a joke about it, but I was really confused (or "infused") as Zane puts it. The house we were looking at then, and now own, is really old. In fact, there were several much nicer newer homes and brand new constructions we could have looked at in Brighton Township, only we wanted the whole "Main Street, USA" feel to where we settled. And now, come to think of it, after the loss we took on our home, we probably couldn't have afforded the newer homes anyway! East Second Street had the location we wanted and the price tag we could afford. So, the whole "rich" label was lost on me. Our house was cheap. Our house is old. Our house needs work.

It's got good bones. But we've only got one bathroom and somehow we've misplaced that enormous deck and media room. Sure, I'd love those things (and a master bath), but there was no way we could afford it.

Having lived here a week, I have now heard the term "cake-eater" several times in reference to those who lived in Beaver (and specifically the river side of 3rd Street) back in the steel mill days.

Beaver, and specifically river side, was not where the actual blue collar steelworkers lived, but rather the steel management. It's been said, that if a steelworker's son was seeing a girl from Check SpellingBeaver, he was "taking up with cake-eater's".

And I'm the "cake-eater"?

Twinkies, maybe. Or Ding Dongs. Little Debbie Snack Cake, anyone?

Well, if this is the case, then I take milk with my tea, and these days I take my cake sugar-free. (Yeah, I'm off sugar again, and I'm grumpy).

Watch out for my raised pinky! And go finish my laundry!

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Stace said...

too cute! Thanks for all the Beaver tales! I'm eatin' em up!