Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I've spoken with friends.

I've spoken with family.

I've even commented on Facebook, knowing that only those I allow can see my comments.

I have not commented here and I will not do so.

I will remain silent about our real estate transaction on the pages of this blog.

This is very hard. But I've learned my lesson in the past. Nope, no need to link you back to that story about the mechanic. If you are a faithful reader you know all about it. If you are new, comment me and I'll hook you up with the incredible story about how my blog could have apparently hurt a business at whom I was rightfully pissed. So said the business.

Pouring out my thoughts through writing has become a source of relief for me. So imagine how difficult it has been not to process the, well, process of selling a home through writing.

Since this experience has proven to be all consuming for the past three months, my posts have decreased. And in the past three weeks, they have continued to slow down dramatically. No Thrifty Thursday. I've not even submitted to Blissfully Domestic. Those of you who are faithful readers can attest to the fact that I've not been writing. Shout out to Elizabeth who mentioned it at Moms R Us the other day. It warmed my heart to know that you were checking my blog! What a girlfriend!

It's odd to feel so silent on these pages. Especially when I crave writing so very desperately.

I did manage to write, edit, and submit an article to Women's Day in response to a call for submissions about how using the public library has helped me save money.

I failed to finish an article for consideration by Redbook who requested submissions on the subject of "Looking for the Silver Lining".

I had really wanted to finish this one, but just never found the time. Ironic for the girl who in the midst of this crud can still manage to pull a silver lining out of a tiny crack in the cement. How? Blinking.

And yet, nothing since May 1. At least not here. Other than this post to explain why I'm not writing, which is funny, because I'm writing that I'm not writing.

Still want to find a solid writing gig. I believe the future holds it. Haven't found it yet, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Sorry for the silence. Bear it with me a little longer.



Stace said...

Not a problem chickie! Those of us who've been in your shoes COMPLETELY understand how to tread water! And being in "survival mode" decreases what we WANT to do and only allows for what we NEED to do... if only we could convince our kids to wear less clothing and if we could even possibly justify eating out every night so the house would be cleaner.(although then we'd need NEW clothes due to our waistline!)

Debbie said...

Write, honey, write your heart out. Just do it in Word and save it for later. Or for yourself. Process what you need to and share the lesson later, but by all means, write it out.

Katie said...

I agree with Debbie. The rest of us will wait patiently and faithfully until you can join us again online. Hang in there friend.

Anonymous said...

I miss you and your writing. I understand and support you - I just miss you. Elizabeth