Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pants Shmants

Zane is totally into Start Wars right now. We're finally up to watching Episode 6: Return of the Jedi.

Zane wants to be a Jedi.

He has several obstacles in his way.

First, we only own one light saber.

Secondly, potty training involves the stripping down to the skivvy's while hanging out around the house in order to make things easier to manage.

This second obstacle does not sit well with the young master Zane.

"MOM! I can't be a Jedi without pants!"

True, my young apprentice.

But, I also believe that Jedi's do not poop in their underwear. I'm fairly certain about this. Pooping in one's drawers is only done by those who have joined the dark side. Is that what you want? To join the ranks of the dark side?

I think not.

And thus, you will overcome these obstacles.

A second light saber we can obtain.

Continuing to be known as the pantless Jedi?

The choice is yours.

Use the force little man.

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curt blocker said...

Greatly enjoyed this - Our son JC is also a star wars freak. So much so his almost two younger brother sings "daaa duum, da-da-da daaaa dum, da-da-da daaaa dum" (his version of the star wars anthem) now when he talks anything star wars. It's funny cause he provides the background musical score for JC's wild clone wars' tales.